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8 Thoughts on “Top 5 Movies They Should Never Ever Remake

  1. So far, I have yet to see an Asian film remade that is remotely close to as good as the original, and I’m not holding out a lot of hope for the two Chan-wook Park movies on the list. I wish they would just distribute the originals. And remaking Rashomon is ridiculous. The film has already been imitated and referenced so many times that it’s become a standard movie term.

  2. 5. A Clockwork Orange: Agreed. No need.

    4. The Godfather: Can’t think of anybody that can top Marlon Brando.

    3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (oh wait, they ARE remaking it): GET OUT! No way! Are you serious?

    2. Gone With The Wind: The demand for PC will probably kill this movie. Just sayin… That being said, I am guilty: I am a sucker for this movie.

    1. Casablanca: AGREED. I will hunt down whoever that’s even thinking about it.

    Nicely done.

    • @submom, I would never lie about Rocky Horror Picture Show, unless I’m lying about me being cast as the new Janet, then I might lie about that. I heard Mtv wants to remake it. Google it.

  3. Actually, I thought The Ring was a pretty god remake of Ringu. I still liked Ringu better, though.

    They better not remake The Godfather. What, they’d use Al Pacino for Brando’s role? That’d be disgustingly ironic.

  4. make that *pretty GOOD

  5. MTV Films and Sky Movies were planning to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show.The network was planning a 2-hour-long remake to be based on the original screenplay, and featuring songs not included in the original.

    The film was initially anticipated to have been released sometime around Halloween 2009. The creator of the original, Richard O’Brien, wasn’t involved; he has said that while he has no view on whether it should be remade, it does not have his blessing.As of September 15, 2009, the remake of Rocky Horror has been canceled.

  6. Their remaking the “Rocky Horror Picture Show?!” Oh hell no! Nobody can fill out those fishnet stockings like Tim Curry! LOL

    Fuckaduck, give it time, every single movie will be remade because Hollywood twats cannot think of anything new.

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