• Bluepaintred

    I chose other. My options, rated favorite to least are as follows:

    I wish Shannon was tucked away in your carry-on
    Don’t forget about Shannon
    Good luck having fun without Shannon
    I’m sad Shannon isn’t here

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Bluepaintred, I’m not sure i could fit the first one a piece of cardboard and i think a banner would be too much.

  • http://two-fifteen.net/journal heather

    i voted spacey. :)

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @heather, woot!

  • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

    FYI – We’re actually leaning towards “Hoser” not sure why. Must go find some cardboard.

  • http://geminibitch.wordpress.com Gemini

    I voted Spacey…

  • http://www.avitable.com Avitable


  • MaureenN

    I can’t imagine it being anything but Spacey :-)

  • http://www.sudobeer.net edmcbride


    or just Eh?

  • http://www.secretinnerlife.com submom

    I voted for Spacey, of course!

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