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14 Thoughts on “Away We Go

  1. oh — I’m so glad you loved this movie. I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! When it was over I said to my boyfriend “I want to know what happened next! I’m not done with these 2 yet” it was fantabulous!

    And Gyllenhaal’s character may be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

  2. I loved this movie so much… It had all of the ingredients which should be typical to rom-coms. The thing about the ending is yes, it’s a sweet ending but it could also totally happen.

  3. No naked Asian women – I rate it a fail of epic proportions. :p

  4. I’ve had this one sitting in the netflix rental envelope on my entertainment stand for weeks now. Perhaps I’ll go ahead and watch it! Great review!

  5. I need to watch that. I have a man-crush on Krasinski.

  6. I loved this movie sooooo very very much !!
    I saw it twice in the theatre 🙂

    and I live in madison…so you can imagine how much I loved their visit there ?

  7. Great! I have the said movie sitting on my kitchen counter for a week now. I NEED to watch it (just as long as I can pull myself away from this laptop…) I was actually worried about Maya Rudolph’s acting chops since “she is not my favorite” on SNL. And I love Maggie Gyllenhaal ever since the very strange, daring movie, Secretary.

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