Saturday night we watched Away We Go, mostly because I have a crush on John Krasinski and I have a soft spot in my heart for dark romantic comedies.

The Basics: This couple who are months away from having their first baby they start to ponder their lives wondering if they are “fuckups” so they decide to leave everything behind to find where “home” really is. They go to places like Arizona, Miami and Montreal to visit friends and family that might be the missing piece they need to get everything right.

The Good: I thought that John Krasinksi and Maya Rudolph had nice chemistry, nothing over the top, just natural, like a real couple. Krasinski was so goofy and sweet, I just ended up loving him more. I adored Rudolph and would love to see her in more. I loved that her character wasn’t a conventional pregnant woman. She had no expectations for her family, she even refused to marry the father of her baby. Other characters played by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Allison Janney were unforgettable and just hysterical. Gyllenhaal made me want to strangle her but laugh at her as well. When Janney’s character was going on and on about her sagging boobs I nearly lost it.

The Bad: Nothing bad for me, it all moved smoothly with a nice pace. I will say that my husband found it a little too sweet and maybe the end was a little too perfect but it worked, for me at least.

Rating: ★★★★☆

  • amanda

    oh — I’m so glad you loved this movie. I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! When it was over I said to my boyfriend “I want to know what happened next! I’m not done with these 2 yet” it was fantabulous!

    And Gyllenhaal’s character may be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

    • Robin

      @amanda, so true, i would love to see what happens next. Maggie killed me, man that was a character I would love to strangle.

  • misty

    I loved this movie so much… It had all of the ingredients which should be typical to rom-coms. The thing about the ending is yes, it’s a sweet ending but it could also totally happen.

    • Robin

      @misty, true, however my husband said if i waited until then to share that with him he’d have been pissed.

  • Grant

    No naked Asian women – I rate it a fail of epic proportions. :p

    • Robin

      @Grant, there was a young asian girl, like 6 years old. that’s better than nothing.

  • duane

    I’ve had this one sitting in the netflix rental envelope on my entertainment stand for weeks now. Perhaps I’ll go ahead and watch it! Great review!

    • Robin

      @duane, see it! see it!

  • Avitable

    I need to watch that. I have a man-crush on Krasinski.

    • Robin

      @Avitable, does anyone NOT have a crush on him? i find it hard to believe.

  • beth

    I loved this movie sooooo very very much !!
    I saw it twice in the theatre :)

    and I live in madison…so you can imagine how much I loved their visit there ?

    • Robin

      @beth, so cool!

  • submom

    Great! I have the said movie sitting on my kitchen counter for a week now. I NEED to watch it (just as long as I can pull myself away from this laptop…) I was actually worried about Maya Rudolph’s acting chops since “she is not my favorite” on SNL. And I love Maggie Gyllenhaal ever since the very strange, daring movie, Secretary.

    • Robin

      @submom, one of my favorite movies — SECRETARY! I need to watch that again!

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