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18 Thoughts on “Seriously

  1. It bugs me when people take crap too seriously too. Life’s too short. I love your so called ranting… keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh at least 2x or more a day. 🙂

    Twilight sucks. Yeah, I read them. But honestly, I couldn’t even bring myself to read the last book.. just couldn’t do it.

  2. lol I love the motto! I mean, if you can’t rant on the internet where can you rant?

  3. It is hard sometimes to not take some stuff seriously… It just happens. You can’t control how something someone says is going to make you feel…

    You have to remember that you are dealing with other people’s insecurities, you know what I mean? Like “Oh wow that comment feels like she is taking a dig at me.”

    I am sure that you look at things other people write about, maybe it is about a show you like or an opinion that you feel strongly about and you think that they are serious about it… so you comment (and maybe sometimes they are just ranting too…)

    It is not really a bad thing either way if you think about it… it is part of the reason you say things like that, to shock people into having an opinion. You really can’t be too mad at them if it is not the same opinion as you have or if they take you seriously… Just because you don’t feel strongly about whatever it is… may it be a Placenta or Twilight someone else may have strong feelings about them and want to defend it.

    (Just playing devils advocate please don’t shoot me… I never take you serious!)

    HUG 🙂

  4. Yes but not about Placenta’s or Twilight!

    Um… I feel the same about placentas as you do… Eww gross… and I have been in the same room as them (Labor and delivery Tech.)

    As for Twilight Now I just try to ignore you.

    I figure it is only flaring up because the movie is coming out and will go away soon and you will move on to something else. (Well until the next Twilight movie comes out. LOL)

    The things I take you serious on are personal things… and it is only because I know you in RL. and assume that you are feeling what you say… So I check to make sure you are okay. (That isn’t bad is it?)

  5. The internet is all about free speech. As long as you’re not writing hateful/ignorant/hurtful things, then people need to relax.

    I have a few people on FB who deliberately comment on whatever “hot topic” of the day is so they can get feedback. Its your FB/Twitter/Blog, say what you want! 🙂

  6. I hate that… (ok, not Twilight… 🙂 But the whole facebook seriousness.) I can write some random update that bugs me and I get all of these weird, overly serious responses… ugh.

  7. I don’t need twitter or facebook since ranting is what I use my blog for. Besides, I don’t think twitter can handle pictures of hot Asian women.

  8. I hear ya. I posted something once that this woman on a game show who was married, with no kides — Alex Trebek was like, “You’re a HOUSEWIFE?” all in disbelief. I’m like, dude, she watches TV all day, cooks a meal for the guy, but that’s about it. It’s like my dream! I had moms writing telling me how much work being a SAHM is. I’m like, she doesn’t have kids. Take your insecurities out on someone else, people!


  9. I use Twitter mainly for this reason. Well, I am also too much of chicken shit to be doing this incognito thing… I do curb what I say on Facebook. Kind of ironic isn’t it? I need to be hiding who I am in order to be who I am. I appreciate tweets that are like-minded. And honestly, I can’t stand the “rah rah life swells” tweets. I am always tempted to make fun of those. People need to understand: having a sardonic tone does not necessarily mean you are a misanthrope. People are complicated. Nobody can ever be defined by one word. Btw, this awesome twilight review was on Cracked, so you must have seen it. Just in case though…

  10. DOH. I meant “I am also too much of chicken shit to be going by my real name and have to do this incognito thing”. Sorry. Saturday morning. No coffee. Twitter first.

  11. Twitter can handle my picture, don’t you think? 😀

    People need to get the sticks out of their asses.

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