Avitable has gone too far this time. He’s said things and made claims that he can’t take back. I’m not sure I can ever read his blog again, this time it’s just not funny.

On Friday he had a post about the hottest female cartoon characters. He included Marge, Wilma and even Lois Griffin. I mean seriously, you missed some of the hottest female cartoons ever. I believe you intentionally didn’t include the shorter girls with glasses, that’s racism or bigotry or something. I think we all know that the girls with the glasses are the dirtiest of them all.

Female cartoon characters you forgot were:

Velma (Scooby Doo)


She may dress a little frumpy but she definitely has a killer rack. She’s also really smart so she probably knows some crazy shit in the bedroom and can probably do your taxes.

Meg (Family Guy)


Yeah she’s kind of a loser and everyone makes fun of her but that means she’ll probably try that much harder in the bedroom. Plus, she obviously has daddy issues.

Daria (Daria)


She’ll keep you on your toes and she’ll mock you, if you like that sort of thing then you will love her. Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s into at least some mild S&M.

I feel much better now having stood up for nerdy cartoon chicks everywhere. Take that Avitable :avi:


And if you missed it, here is our show on Halloween last night.

21 Thoughts on “When Avitable Crosses The Line

  1. That art of Velma you posted does look pretty appealing . . . if only she had red hair!

  2. WWSD = What Would Scooby Do?

  3. Go Velma…..wow. Still, I am incapable of looking at cartoons as sex symbols. I just think of the smurfs. Bet he forgot about Smurfette.

  4. Daria was too bitter for me, but Velma was hot. I like brainy over bimbo. I always wondered how She-Hulk would be in bed. It would be the best way to get a crushed pelvis.

  5. Hello?! What about She-Ra, Princess of Power?

  6. I just read Avitable’s post. Are you sure he didn’t write this: http://imgur.com/JfhJD under the pseudonym “Alan”?

  7. I used to think Posey from the cartoon “Mission Hill” was really cute. Damn I miss that show!

  8. This was fantastic! Thanks for the laugh… Daria rocks, i miss her…

  9. i look forward to reading it… 🙂

  10. Va va voom! My vote is for Daria. As always.

  11. That’s one smokin’ hot Velma.

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