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21 Thoughts on “When Avitable Crosses The Line

  1. That art of Velma you posted does look pretty appealing . . . if only she had red hair!

  2. WWSD = What Would Scooby Do?

  3. Go Velma…..wow. Still, I am incapable of looking at cartoons as sex symbols. I just think of the smurfs. Bet he forgot about Smurfette.

  4. Daria was too bitter for me, but Velma was hot. I like brainy over bimbo. I always wondered how She-Hulk would be in bed. It would be the best way to get a crushed pelvis.

  5. Hello?! What about She-Ra, Princess of Power?

  6. I just read Avitable’s post. Are you sure he didn’t write this: http://imgur.com/JfhJD under the pseudonym “Alan”?

  7. I used to think Posey from the cartoon “Mission Hill” was really cute. Damn I miss that show!

  8. This was fantastic! Thanks for the laugh… Daria rocks, i miss her…

  9. i look forward to reading it… 🙂

  10. Va va voom! My vote is for Daria. As always.

  11. That’s one smokin’ hot Velma.

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