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18 Thoughts on “On The Other Side

  1. I’ve been reading lately about people trading skills/services. Perhaps you guys could look into that. Maybe trade off a skill you guys have (handy work, photography) in order to get something you need like firewood? It’s worth a shot!

  2. I feel for you. Two years ago I was thinking of buying a new car just because I wanted one and I was debating Lexus vs. Mercedes. Now I’m contacting a bankruptcy lawyer and hoping my car will last a little longer so I don’t have to take the bus.

  3. Well shit. Hang on girly. Things are going to get better soon.

    We recently hired a local guy who just put a home-made flyer in our mailbox….needed some things fixed. It’s an idea, maybe.

  4. It’s all in the attitude, whether you see setbacks as insurmountable & bad -or- as opportunities to try a new approach at life.

    Jim & I applied for apprenticeships with our local plumber’s union a few years ago, thinking “Well, there’s a job that can’t be outsourced & that everyone will need no matter how bad the economy gets”. We made it to the final interview phase, then backed out for personal reasons – we just didn’t want to commit the time to it at that point in our lives as parents. Maybe Erik could look into something like that.

  5. Perhaps he could train and apprentice in another trades profession-ie. Electrician, plumber,labourer, roofer or machinist?

    If he’s good with his hands, there must be more options out there.

  6. i know he probably has thought of this, but what about retail? sure it sucks, and you are under paid, but its always easier to look for another job when you have a job. and its money. might help.

    other than that, i hope he finds something soon!

  7. I’m sorry, honey. I don’t have any great suggestions, but I’m here if you need to talk. Craig’s list would probably be a good place to start looking for a trading skills thing like B was talking about

  8. I don’t have any ideas to offer that haven’t already been shared, unfortunately, but I know you’ll both get through this. It may not be the outcome you want, but it could also be something better.

  9. crystal on October 29, 2009 at 6:49 pm said:

    Lemme check with my boss – she’s got a friend who owns a woodworking business that deals with some big money projects, and I know she had asked me once before if Manly Man was still looking and if he would be classified as “skilled or unskilled”, but it was right about the time a few weeks ago when he was twittering about an interview and I totally forgot about it.

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