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8 Thoughts on “Boston Facts

  1. Pissa. Wicked Pissa. “Hella” is Califnordian. Yeesh. 😉

  2. and let us not forget — strangely the best BBQ in the world comes from Sommerville!

  3. Yeah, what Kate said. Jeez, Robin!

  4. This is totally cool! Everything I know about Boston I’ve learned from you and Dennis Lehane. :lmao:

  5. I was born ready… (I can’t wait until I talk you guys in to coming here… hehehehe)

  6. I like reading this stuff out loud….makes me feel like an Italian Mob Boss :gemini:

  7. This is great as I am flying to Boston (for work) again this Wed. Didn’t know that about the Chinatown (which I’ve never been). Funny, you Bostonians. And could you please explain the fanatic love for Dunkin’ Donuts?! Coffee?!

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