Another helpful list for Hurricane Gwen.

  • Everywhere we go we’ll both be pointing to things like food or objects and saying “have you seen/heard of this before?” “what about this?”
  • Being included in our in-depth conversations with the cats.
  • The joy that is Boston drivers.
  • Giggles everytime she says “garage”. However most people we know do not even have a garage so it may be tough to bring it into conversation.
  • Seeing all of Manly Man’s collections such as his cereal box collection, candy wrappers collection and all his Edward Gorey.
  • Being lured by Lucy-fur’s Aurora’s cuteness only to quickly be bitchslapped by her.
  • My burping.
  • The Wonder Twins :robin:
  • Falling in love with Boston.

What I know I’m in store for:

  • Listening to Manly Man and Gwen babble on and on about stuff I don’t know anything about.

6 Thoughts on “What Gwen Is In Store For

  1. awwww, you’re making me miss Boston! I haven’t been in almost 3 years now …me needs to go back!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I hope I’ll be able to visit Boston one day.

  3. I just hope you’re prepared for how much less weird I am online than I am in real life…

  4. Have an awesome time! :balloon:

  5. “Being included in our in-depth conversations with the cats.”

    LOL, guests are included in that when they come and visit my place as well.

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