I am opinionated.

I am blunt but I don’t always realize how blunt and harsh my words are until it is too late.

I am honest, with the world and with myself, even if it hurts.

I am afraid of what is outside my door and inside my head, sometimes I mix them up too.

I am funny and will do my best to make you laugh in those uncomfortable moments.

I am aware.

I am sensitive and I break easily.

I am emotional to the point sometimes it seems life is just too much to handle.

I am full of high expectations but none so high as the ones for myself.

I am unbalanced at times, but I think everyone is at least a little unbalanced.

I am who I am and everyday I can see a little better who that actually is.

  • http://www.mywildlifeswords.com Linwood’s Girl

    The first 3 and last 3 would be on my list, too:)

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Linwood’s Girl, good to know :thumbsup:

  • alipnack

    I love me a good declaration of self! You’re my kind of woman!

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @alipnack, :robin:

  • http://www.brightestblue.wordpress.com Hannah

    “I am funny and will do my best to make you laugh in those uncomfortable moments.”

    That’s a very important skill to have. Particularly as you get older, when there are more and more uncomfortable moments.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Hannah, ain’t that the truth.

  • http://Www.bluepaintred.com Bluepaintred

    I wish I could hang out with you in real life

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Bluepaintred, awwww, same to you.

  • http://darnedtoheck.blogspot.com/ Grant

    My left testicle hurts today. Maybe that’s not a good injection site for my insulin after all.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Grant, you should try the right side of your testicles.

  • http://bloggochicago.com Barb

    I love these things about you. And you know what? Sometimes life is too much to handle. So there!

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Barb, damn straight.

  • http://tugsphotos.wordpress.com Tug

    I think we ARE all a little unbalanced from time to time…and that’s OK. ;-)

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Tug, we should start a club.

  • http://whall.org/blog whall

    “I am opinionated” and “I am sensitive and I break easily” don’t always go together well. That’s like a soap bubble trying to make it in a storm.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @whall, “soap bubble in a storm” yeah that’s me.

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