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10 Thoughts on “Proud Mama

  1. Reminds me of my dog going into hunter mode. She spotted some squirrels, crouched low, then slumped on the ground and took a nap. I couldn’t feed her outside because pigeons would eat her food while she sat three feet away. Your cat is much more ferocious.

  2. What’s with the vigorous-head-shake-death-to-all-toys thing? Jeb does that constantly with inanimate objects and just sniffs anything alive? 🙂

  3. Most definitely that is the mechanical “purpose”….but both cats and dogs do it…..odd. AND…whenever he comes in contact with something WITH a neck….he just sniffs. I guess he’s a lover not a fighter :jebus:

    • @Linwood’s Girl, oh sorry, i get it. that is weird, i have spent 6 years trying to figure out why my cats do the weird stuff they do and i haven’t learned much. they’re just weird, like us.

  4. My cats generally don’t attack inanimate objects (why bother when they can beat up each other?), but every now and then Bella will get all freaked out about a scarf or something odd like that until she determines it’s not dangerous.

  5. My male cat did the same thing once to a donut that accidently fell out of my bag. He was carrying it around like it was his latest kill, all proud. LOL!

  6. See, they eat the food but leave the bugs for me to clean up. Or rather, for my husband to clean up depending on its size and gross-out factor. What’s with that???

  7. Me want kitty! :heart:

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