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8 Thoughts on “High School Me

  1. This meme is too long. I fine you a dollar.

    • @Grant, well normally i don’t do very long posts, i try hard not to because i hate them. but this is a meme, so the words aren’t very much it just looks long. Suck it up :tongue:

  2. “I wish I had been less stressed out and distraught. I was kind of a less obvious version of Allison from The Breakfast Club.”

    I sometimes wish I could change how I was in high school too. I was so shy and serious all the time, it would probably have been better to be more lighthearted and outgoing. Ah well!

  3. I had completely forgotten about those unitard shirts until you mentioned them. I had a bunch and thought I looked great in them. They were onesies for adults. So wrong. What was I on?!

  4. I forgot about those unitard shirts, too. lol @Stacey: “onesies for adults.” I bet they come back in style soon.

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