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7 Thoughts on “W

  1. LOL@the picture! I had more than enough of Bush and his idiocy when he was in power, so I don’t think I’d want to see anymore of him. It probably is still too early!

  2. “worst president ever”? Wow. All that statement tells me is that you probably don’t know your history.

    • @whall, I didn’t mean that statement as fact, I meant it more as how he’s viewed in general. I wouldn’t claim to know enough to make an official statement.

  3. I kind of wanted to see this movie but it was removed from On Demand before we had a chance. Now I’m glad I didn’t spend the $5.

  4. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. Richard Dreyfus as Cheney was the highlight for me; now I can’t look at Cheney without thinking of Dreyfus. 😉

  5. I felt the timing (theatrical release just before the elections) showed it was more of a propaganda tool, which doesn’t mean the film is inaccurate but it places the filmmaker’s intents in doubt. And after two administrations I was already sick of him anyway. Box office numbers seemed to reflect that feeling, although the newspapers tried to play it up as wildly successful. “Wow – it made over $10 million on the opening weekend!”

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