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20 Thoughts on “Top 5 Movie Characters

  1. “What’s the point of living if you don’t have a dick?” I always wondered how you women justified your existence. I hope you’re not going to fall back on that old “we’re the only ones who can give birth” routine.

  2. You should have to do the top ten movie characters who aren’t played by Kevin Spacey.

  3. Great list! However,I would not consider misleading an officer a weakness; it’s actually very empowering…

  4. Nice list! I’m not sure where I’d even start if I made a list like this…hmmm

  5. I’m with Avitable. Or a list of top 5 roles by Spacey. Come on! Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil!!!

  6. Fuck yeah!

  7. Perhaps, but I haven’t seen as many Kevin Space movies as you have! 🙂 I really liked that movie and Diana Krall’s singing.

  8. Great pick! And fun post! I am surprised not all 5 of them are Spacey. What happened to u? Moment of weakness? So is Jake G the token non-Kevin because you are afraid of getting sued? LOL

  9. Donnie Darko is one of the very few movies that I’d say have the greatest impact on me. I don’t know for what, yet. I’m still haunted by it, and I don’t use the word “haunted” lightly…

  10. Um…actually, I don’t know what you’re going to say now. :confused:

    • @Barb, you need to see more Kevin Spacey movies, like right now if not sooner. Just run and go see American Beauty and The Usual Suspects. Then go see Swimming With Sharks. What are you waiting for? Go on.

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