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20 Thoughts on “Unfriend-A-Bitch

  1. I’ve always felt the Internet makes it too easy for people to be jerks. I have a rule to not do anything online that I wouldn’t do in real life. It’s not much of a rule since there isn’t much I wouldn’t do in real life, but it’s a rule nonetheless.

    • @Grant, i really try to a. not doing anything until i calm down and b. i try to only do what i would do in real life as well. doesn’t always work out but i try at least, right?

  2. I rarely do that, although I unfollow people on Twitter all the time. Why would I want to read their tweets if they annoy me?

  3. A ‘friend’s’ mom recently died and a mutual friend called to ask if I had heard about it. Since she doesn’t go online, I thought I’d check her page and see if any arrangements had been made. I was unfriended. I didn’t do anything that I can think of, other than skip on a bbq with a bunch of people I don’t know.

    Whatever. A bitchslap for a bitch. I’ll own it.

  4. :whistle: i’ve been unfriended and never even knew why. LOL but by the same token, i will undo contacts on flickr if i get bored with their shots and we never communicate anyway. or if i’m always commenting them and never ever hear back from them after the first initial contacts.

    this age of social media is bad in some aspects as i’ve seen some of the bad behavior slip over to real life.

    • @charlane, yeah it’s sad but hopefully people will learn from it and handle it better. i don’t really care much about unfriending and stuff, i think i just am involved in so many things online i rarely notice anymore when someone ditches me.

  5. Great insight! Yeah, unfortunately this is the way things will remain online… give someone an easy way out and they will always take it…

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  7. Are people notified on FB when you unfriend them? Whatever. I “clean house” periodically if someone doesn’t maintain any contact whatsoever — and I don’t mean by inviting me to this quiz or participate in that app. I also feel I’ve been “anonymously” targeted on Twitter by a specific person and I’m thinking, well if I annoy you, frickin’ unfollow me! What I actually do is reply or send a new tweet with some snarky comment. I wonder if that makes me bad. :devil:

    • @Barb, you CAN be notified but it’s some separate application. I had signed up to have notifications but stopped getting them. stupid 3rd party shit. funny thing is i don’t give a shit either way, i just don’t notice, i just notice that everyone cares.

  8. This has been the dilemma online for something like 10 years now when Livejournal showed up with its “friends page”. Take someone off your “friends list” and suddenly there’s drama llamas everywhere crying “but I thought we were friends!”


    I might enjoy what a person has to say on LJ, or Twitter, or Facebook, but I may not consider them to be a friend. When they no longer have anything that I like to read, I de-friend them. It’s really quite simple for someone who doesn’t take this shit seriously to do. Some people take things waaaaaay too seriously though.

    • @Crystal, that’s how i do it too. if i am not enjoying someones updates wherever it is, i just dump em, whatever. i really don’t care who does it to me but then i don’t even notice.

  9. Well said! Exactly how I feel. But some people do deserve to be unfollowed, and I only wish that they’d got a notice with the explanation of WHICH tweet that caused them to be unfollowed. Of course, I am self-aware enough to ask myself this question at the same time, “Why do you think they’d even care?” On the other hand, I don’t care that they don’t care. And so on. Btw, I love Cottingham’s cartoons. This one is a particularly great commentary on the whole social media craze.

  10. This makes me think of blogrolls.

  11. I can’t say I’ve used social media as punishment for this sort of aggression. But I did get in a verbal battle with a blog buddy a couple years ago and we just canceled out our subscriptions to each other’s RSS feeds. But I can see it being a bitchslap all the same.

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