• Amanda

    Yeah that’s pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure she can hide your stuff if she wanted to, instead of making you not post your stuff

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Amanda, even if you can’t, who cares? is it that important?

  • MaureenN

    Yeah – can’t she just ‘unfriend’ you? I’m like you – facebook is something I can’t even get on at work, then when I get home I forget it’s there…

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @MaureenN, or just block me, whatever, i really don’t care.

  • bloggochicago

    I rarely notice that highlights sidebar. I may skim over to see if there’s anything interesting I want to look at, but for the most part I don’t even notice it. It’s mainly pictures and people’s birthdays, right?

    I’m with Maureen — if she isn’t interested in the highlights of your life, as little or as many as they may be, she should just unfriend you. Or…you can unfriend her. :-)

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @bloggochicago, i’ll probably block her at least when i get home or maybe she’s trying to push me to do it. i hate the games, it’s usually all games.

  • http://www.sudobeer.net edmcbride

    theres a highlights sidebar?

  • bluepaintred

    wait. I have cookies in the comments? what kind and why am i not eating them?

    if I am right, the highlights thing is like where you comment on a picture and then I get to see the album, right? or when someone posts a note or something, on the side, by where birthdays and pokes are?

    I check it out a few times a day – im on facebook ALL DAY LONG, and I get annoyed when the same things are there every time I check. IMO, people need to get off their asses and post more. seriously. I love looking at the pictures and when someone in my friend list comments on an album of someone who is NOT in my friend list, too bad so sad, i get to look at all your pictures anyway.\

    im totes a stalker in training.

    And, furthermore, as the resident facebook addict, that woman is whack job crazy and needs to stfu. if I, the one on FB ALL DAY LONG am not annoyed to see your pics (the day in the life of us album was adorable) then you are doing AOK and she is a bitch.

    Pee ess: one time (not at band camp, on facebook) I had this friend who posted “ZOMG I LOVE LORI” and variations of that every FIVE SECONDS. it got super annoying, but instead of messaging him to say shut the hell up you freak, I de-friended him. Quite simple, really.

    can you put the comment threading thingy on my blog? i want it!

    Pee Ess Ess: my comment was longer than your post. that means I’m stalking YOU TOO! And also, I’m having an affair with my caps lock tonight. don’t tell Micah

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @bluepaintred, a. i emailed you b. this was the bestest comment in a long time and c. i love you :heart:

  • http://www.secretinnerlife.com submom

    I can’t see your original post but I still want to comment on this because this is what trolls do: they just comment away… I am leaving a comment so I can let you know that I :heart: your stalker bluepaintred because she (?) said “I’m having an affair with my caps lock tonight”. :lmao: And please don’t tell Micah whoever he is. Sincerely, me.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @submom, :lmao: well it’s about someone who wrote me a long message about how i was ruining her life because all my facebook stuff was showing up in her highlights section on her main page and asked me to change my settings.

  • http://two-fifteen.net/journal heather

    :twitchy: huh? um yeah. i don’t read the highlights thingy. doesn’t it show up under ads or something? idk. but, then again i’m weird about fb and blogs and all that.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @heather, yes that’s what it is, i barely notice them most of the time.

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