Moustache: I keep rewatching Manly Man’s recent video and I think I pee my pants everytime. Have you rate

Allergies: My allergies are back to being an annoyance but managable. I still get stuffed up when I get home and I still can’t breathe before I go to bed but now I can sleep the entire night. Plus, somehow I’m getting up when I need to instead of so late that I’m still pulling clothes on as I run out the door.

Television: A couple years ago I had to give up one of my shows on Thursday because you can only dvr 2 shows at a time and cannot watch a third while those 2 shows are taping. So after some very distraught consideration I decided to give up Grey’s Anatomy and kept CSI and I believe The Office (and other Thursday night NBC shows). Turns out I stopped watching CSI because Grissom left and I’m so behind Grey’s Anatomy that I can’t watch that. The Thursday night shows are ok but I only really like The Office and 30 Rock. I feel depressed about this, where did my Thursdays go??

Video: I’m not sure if you need to watch both Mad Men and be from Massachusetts to find this funny but watch it anyway even if it’s just to laugh at Bostonians (yes, this is quite accurate).

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7 Thoughts on “Moustache Responsibility

  1. I have up on CSI as well. I tried to give the new guy a chance but it just wasn’t the same show anymore. 🙁 Now I watch Bones and Burn Notice on Thursdays and The Mentalist since it changed nights.

  2. Your template refuses to remember my name, and I’m tired of telling it every day. Stupid Alzheimer’s template.

  3. I hate that about the DVR! I don’t know if you have Comcast where you live (that’s our cable company), but they have CSI available for free on On Demand. Not that it matters. I’m losing interest in it, too. I love Lawrence Fishburne, but the show isn’t the same. I hate CSI: Miami, but I’m starting to watch CSI: New York. Gary Sinise rocks!

    30 Rock starts next week, I think. We watched Community last night and it was pretty funny. Of course, I used to teach at several, so maybe that’s why. =P And Bones. It’s like CSI but not too serious.

    Oh, and I hate to tell you, but the video doesn’t appear and this template doesn’t remember my info, either.

  4. I see the video now. And I don’t mind entering all my info every time. I just thought you’d want to know.

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