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13 Thoughts on “Where’s My Taily Toy, Bitch

  1. You should encourage the bald spot. Bald cats may equal fewer allergies.

  2. Cats can be pretty demanding. LOL.
    I hope the bald spot is nothing serious. Pilot may just have a skin infection.

  3. Ha! Demanding cats. Who’da thunk it? 😉

    I don’t see a picture here, but I’m guessing it’s the one you showed me yesterday. I doubt it’s anything serious like ringworm (I hope I didn’t scare you with those links, btw). It’s probably just allergies. That would be truly ironic.

    • @Barb, i’m having issues with the program i am using to post with, of course. him allergic to me? i think that is irony, maybe that should have been in the song.

  4. Well it could happen…

  5. LOL at the thought that the kitties will call someone a “bitch”. But of course, eh?

  6. Ours are apparently allergic to us. *shrug* Seriously, ours have allergies like ours, you know, weeds, molds, pollen, etc. 1/4 tablet of Zyrtec does the trick — but don’t try that unless the vet says to.

  7. I’d ask the vet first just to be sure, and to find out how much to give her.

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