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I haven’t talked a lot about our show Too Much Pressure Off Topic in a while because it’s not really the popular thing on the internet but we kind of like it that way anyway. I mean, if nobody disagrees with us then we’re always right. Right? Still, we’d love to know how we’re doing and get some opinions.

Would it be better if we change our time slot to 5:00 pm EST (instead of 6:00) or would you probably not listen to it anyway. It’s ok, I really don’t listen to radio shows when they are actually on, I’m more of a podcast kind of girl. Speaking of that, have any of you listened to any of our podcasts? If you do can you let us know what your thoughts are, either here or on our radio show page.

This past episode we discussed books that were turned into movies. We talked about American Psycho, Anne of Green Gables, James Bond, comic book adaptations and really in depth about The Shining (we have no idea why). We are still learning how to properly start a show and end a show but you know, we get so into our topics that we just kind of forget that we have a time limit.

Next week we are discussing parenting, because you know, we have so much experience with it and all. If you want to give your own opinions having actual maybe experience with it or something, please feel free to bring up questions in the chat room or even call in.

Don’t be afraid, we don’t bite…usually…

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  1. ed

    August 31, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    honestly, i’d probably listen to it more if it was at like 4ish. cause most weekends we eat about 6ish.

    but from what i’ve heard of it, its a pretty good show.

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