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16 Thoughts on “This Means Revenge

  1. Murmer..murmer..murmer?


    • @Hannah, I read Twilight for my SIL but I hated it, especially that the word “murmur” was use like 207 times and drove me crazy. So I made fun of the twilighters about this and she’s rubbing it in my face.

  2. Fuck yeah! LMAO

  3. The lady doth protest too much, methinks

    in fact. the lady protesteth so much that verily she must be hiding the secret truths

    Robin and Edward sitting in a tree S-P-A-R-K-L-I-N-G, first come teeth, then comes ..well actually…. the author refused to write a satisfying sex scene in the book, so I have no idea…

    AHNYway. My point is : TEAM EDWARD!!!

  4. BPR I LOVE YOU :heart: !!!

    HEHEHEHE… :dutchy:

  5. Should I be proud that I’ve never read Twilight? 🙂

  6. YES! Don’t let them suck you in.

  7. crystal on August 29, 2009 at 2:14 pm said:

    Eddie bought me a box of those at Valentines Day this year. I left them at work for other people to eat 🙂

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