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11 Thoughts on “This Is Not A Love Story

  1. I thought you’d like it. Wasn’t he sexy? Especially in his first karaoke scene.

  2. It was a very good movie. Zooey Deschanel annoys me a bit generally, but I loved the story and the quirkiness of it.

    • @Avitable, yeah while i like her she kind of irks me too. i go back and forth. i think my favorite part was the dancing scene or the karaoke scene.

  3. That’s Bones’s sister! They really look alike.

    If you hadn’t reviewed this and posted the trailer, I admit I’d probably never watch it. I don’t know if I can convince Brian, though, because I’m still trying to get him to see Julie & Julia, and I agreed he’d get to pick the next movie (Inglorious Basterds).

    • @Barb, Bones? Well it’s hard for me to say since Manly Man is essentially a chick but from my personal opinion most guys that are at least a little bit sensitive would enjoy this movie. It’s a little dark and very funny, I laughed out loud (litterally) many times during this movie.

  4. Yeah, you know, Emily Deschanel who plays Bones on the Fox show by the same name. 😉

    Brian’s much more sensitive than he cares to admit, so maybe I can convince him to see it. I mean, he did laugh out loud during Time Traveler! :devil:

  5. Not having a Hollywood ending is a plus for me. I’ve gotten sick of most of the predictable Hollywood products. Another plus is hot, naked Japanese women and loads of violence. Female Yakuza got it right – the main character was naked and slicing people up with a katana before and during the opening credits.

  6. Audition was great, even though I thought the female lead was so thin the effect was that she looked cadaverous (which worked for that role). I loved the scene in which she seemed to slowly come back to life when the guy gave in and called her. The director / producer, Takashi Miike, is better know for Ichi the Killer. I also recommend Battle Royale and Suicide Club. Those three are often referred to as the leading trifecta of modern Japanese horror. The last two have no nudity, but Suicide Club does include a musical number that basically makes it one of the most awesome films ever.

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