I have this old video from a while back:

The other day I just got this comment:


Am I real? Yes. How am I a disgrace? Because the swallowing 101 had nothing to do with fellatio or deep throating a banana? Obviously by the ratings this video is really troubling some people, not because it’s offensive but because maybe it isn’t. My bad.

Apparently I need to be shot for this, I really hoped that if I were to be shot it would be for something much more interesting or offensive.

On a side note: the most popular videos of mine on youtube is this one which includes the word swallowing in it and the one where I touch my nose with my tongue. I had no idea people stalk youtube looking for porn-like material.

ps. I changed the title, because I hate to disappoint porn-lurkers.

8 Thoughts on “No Fellatio Here

  1. omfg you two are SO cute.

    What was that medicine for? swine flu? I hear that shit is catchy.

  2. LMAO! That was hilarious! But maybe I should give you a poor rating because I wasn’t offended….

    Anyway, yeah, I think people actually do porn-stalk on YouTube. That isn’t even a disgrace; that’s just pathetic.

  3. You want to get crazy YouTube comments?

    Post a video with the word “gay” in the title.

    Go on.

    I’ll wait.

  4. Obviously Witters85 is the sensitive type. I wonder if they even watched it or just commented on the title.

    I think you definitely should have used a beer chaser.

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