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5 Thoughts on “No Apology Is Too Late

  1. If that sort of thing makes you happy, then I’m truly sorry about something.

  2. What happened to you was awful! Everyone involved should have apologized, but its good that at least one of the people did.

    I’m very sensitive as well and after being hurt a few times by other people, have started to become bitter and cynical. But I’m trying to remember that not everyone is bad and its best to make sure someone has good intentions before opening yourself up to them. 🙂

  3. robin~thanks for the kind words~~and mom needs your thoughts right now~~and the doctor saw my legs and feet and is seeing me this afternoon~~shit i guess they can just pull me a bed in mom’s room!

    i am blocked from twitter and facebook~~mom still having problems and will be here until a certain test is 2.00~~right now she is at 1.28, it was 1.18 sunday and 1.11 saturday
    and one of the injection spots where she receives the drug to raise the above rates{in her stomach} is infected
    and fuck i know he is going to have a cow and a horse when he sees how really swollen my feet, ankles, legs and yes even my ass
    but i didn’t get any swollen boobies!! ROFLMTO

    thanks robin~i would appreciate it if you would twit to bubble wench for me

  4. Not only does the apology help the person who was hurt to heal – it also helps the apologizer to grow & heal, too. Feeling guilt about doing something that you know was wrong can really mess with your life, too. I’m glad the person apologized – for your sake and for their sake, too.

  5. right on. i agree that it is never too late to say I’m sorry. I also think that the farther one gets from the situation, the more time passes, the harder it is to say those words, so kudos for the person who said it, and right on to YOU for accepting it!

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