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11 Thoughts on “Be a Tool To Play a Tool

  1. I’m with you on SYTYCD. It’s kind of blah this season. At this point, I like all of them, so I don’t care who makes it to the final, because they’re all kind of equal.

  2. True Blood:the drinking game….drink every time (1) Sookie says “oh Bill” (2) Anyone says “Sookie’s in danger” – or any variation of that. (3) Anyone has sex (4) anyone says “I must be out of my mind.

    I have yet to see how an episode ends. But I love that show!!!

  3. In the books, Sookie and Bill get in quite a fight, and I think it might be coming up in the show, thanks to his maker showing up.

  4. I’ve been enjoying Breaking Bad, which I think appeals more to people who have been critically ill (especially with cancer) and can identify with the main character.

  5. i so miss hbo~~but i had to drop some of the premium channels and i so love showtime because of big brother after dark and dexter~~it was a tough choice because of true blood~i’ll just have to wait for them to come out on DVD’s

  6. Haven’t started True Blood yet but we also just finished Mad Men and we love it.

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