To Be A Girl

Me: You so want to be a girl.
Him: You already knew that.
Me: You could be a lesbian.
Him: There is no way I’m giving up my penis.
Me: You could be a chick with a dick.
Him: I already am!

  • Grant

    Oh, boy – tranny sex! How is it?

    • Robin

      @Grant, complicated.

  • charlene

    what about boobs? LOL to be a girl ya gotta have at least one set!

    i’ll loan him a set if he wants

    charlene ROFLMTO

    • Robin

      @charlene, i think i have enough for the both of us :robin:

  • whall

    Calling a girl a “chick” is not only sexist, it’s demeaning to animals. Don’t be sexist because bitches hate that.

    • Robin

      @whall, i will keep that in mind. Is it alright to call them a tomata (ie. tomato)?

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