…the mice will starve and die…or rather I may with Manly Man gone for the next week or so. He’s flying to Florida to pick up a car his aunt is giving him and then he’s driving back. While he’s gone I have to fend for myself.

Me: What will I do without you?
Him: You survived for years before me.
Me: Uhm, no, I really didn’t.
Him: Yeah I didn’t want to say anything.

Things he does around the house:

Sweeps the floors, does the dishes, grocery shopping, takes out the trash, cooks, repairs stuff, hangs stuff, protects me from monsters, feeds the cats, makes me laugh, gropes me, tells me I’m beautitful and remembers to turn stuff off like the oven.

Things I do around the house:

Wear low cut shirts.

Suffice to say, I figure I’ll last 3 days tops, 4 if I have some House to watch.

211 ~ for you

13 Thoughts on “While The Cat’s Away

  1. I so know where you are coming from. I just had to do my man’s ‘chores’ for a few weeks. I never realized how much he did for me! And I’m so glad he’s better now so I can go back to just being cute and cooking good meals. 🙂

    Just make sure you feed the cats before they start nibbling on your toes.

  2. Your man repairs stuff? Lucky girl! 🙂

  3. Thank god for Lean Cuisines. Or pizza. Both work just fine

    • @Amanda, i found these awesome frozen stuffed chicken breasts that are filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella. So good and I probably won’t burn down the house.

  4. Maybe if you go naked, you can lure the local lawnboy inside and make him do all your bidding.

  5. i’m gonna steal manly man and get him to clean my house.

  6. Hopefully he left you enough microwaveable meals that you won’t have to eat one of the cats.

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