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4 Thoughts on “Bumfuck Canada

  1. 1. As much as I reeeeeally do want to see Shrink with you, if that can’t happen I think we should aim to see Casino Jack together since we’ve been following Kevin tweeting about it. Because it would be too awesome to watch it and be all “I remember that tweet!”

    2. How about this – I win I write ten reasons why the US is great. You win, you move to Canada. That’s fair, right?

    3. How about we just skip the stakes, the plans to visit, etc. and just go to Ireland already?

    • @Gwen, Yes, Ireland seems like the best answer. If we ever do watch a movie together I think it needs to be filmed, the adventure of course not us watching the movie.

  2. How about the loser has to get pictures of him or herself while standing in various redneck bars wearing a sign that says “(other person’s country) rulz!”

    Is that $800 American, or are you talking about that metric money Canada uses that isn’t worth much?

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