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5 Thoughts on “LOL With Manly Man

  1. I am glad that I got to meet him too… It was nice to meet someone that I read their blog every day… (Other then you of course)

    He was alot more Laid back then I thought that he would be! but still the same Adam we read everyday!

    Very cool

  2. Oh and Video of MM funny…. 🙂 I love the end… hehe (hope that he is feeling better)

  3. I have to know what people expected of me, because I always hear from everyone I meet that I’m more low-key and laid back than they expect. Is it like a crazy loud person or something? It’s hilarious!

    And tell your husband that he’s a pussy for not coming – it would have been nice to meet him!

    • @Avitable, I don’t know what i expected. maybe i thought you’d be more in our faces and more offensive. I suppose I probably expected too much :dunno:

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