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8 Thoughts on “Full Body Suit

  1. I think the bodysuit might be a good idea. No way can anyone stop cuddling their furkids. Its just not possible!

  2. “this is my corn hole, this is my cake hole. cake goes in here, and corn comes out there!!”

  3. God I love Paul Rudd. I loved him in Clueless and it hasn’t changed since. Actually, I love him more now because I can see him all the time because he’s everywhere

  4. Mokona on June 5, 2009 at 11:49 am said:

    Ditto to Amanda! Exactly. Yum, and I’m not complaining!

  5. “shrinkthemovie.com” seems like it should be for pirates with ipods or something.

  6. You’re going to meet Avitable? How exciting!

  7. Well you could try shaving your head and giving up coffee or one of us will have to win the lotto before the end of July. Personally I’ve voting for the former.

  8. That movie looks pretty cool.

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