I’m usually pretty blunt and straightforward online.

If I disagree I’ll probably say so. Even if I’m wrong, I just let it out. Even if I’m irrational, I just let it go. It’s my release.

One of the reasons I love blogging and twitter and such is that I can just be myself and not hold back. My online self is my uncensored self. I would love to be the online self in everyday life but I’m pretty sure I’d end up with no friends and no job.

So I let it out online, I’m brutal and I’m honest. Honesty doesn’t always go over well. This is why I try to keep my online life as separate as possible from my daily life.

5 Thoughts on “Uncensored Self

  1. But where are the pictures?!?!?!?

  2. Being yourself is important! However, not having a job or friends would suck balls.

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