Too Much Pressure – Take One


There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure. ~Alfred Adler

Since Gwen and I often chat up through the night on im and take over Twitter we thought we’d attempt to turn it into a radio show. I’m curious what others think of the show. We might actually come prepared next time knowing how to call in and maybe we’ll have some actual topics. I wonder also if this is the right location for us since we’d love to upload audios like on blogtalkradio :dunno:

What did we talk about? Let’s see, we talked about cereal, doing the dishes, bratty kids in restaurants, movie theater annoyances, sticking your hand in furniture, cat attitudes, being awesome and :what: Kevin Spacey. I know, totally shocking.

ps. Feel free to fastforward me talking to myself while I waited for Gwen to get on. I think we are planning to do it this sunday. Is a 1/2 hour not enough or just right? Obviously we went way over the 1/2 hour.

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  1. whall

    June 4, 2009 at 11:13 am

    For a second there I thought you said you were waiting for Gwen to get it on. I bet that would jump up your ratings a bit.

    I’ve been planning a radio show with one other blogger and one non-blogger. I just haven’t carved out the time to make it a reality yet.

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