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8 Thoughts on “Never Ever

  1. I’ve had sex with a virgin. Well, two of them. Not at once, or anything. But other than that I would not have been drinking

  2. I’ve done two of those things listed. I’ve done a virgin and have been to the principal’s office, not because I was bad, but because my principal was a little douchebag with a Napolean-complex.

  3. 8. Holy shit.

  4. Ive been handcuffed and put in jail cell with the door locked, but never arrested.

    i’ve broken my wrists so many times i quit counting

    I have rushed to the ER, but not in an ambulance. That was when I shot the air staple through my finger. fun times

    Oh! And i have called into a radio station BUT just to request a song, and the call never made it on air (the song did though)

    • @bluepaintred, these are all reasons why i am friends with you, who wants to be friends with boring people that never get locked up or break bones?

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