Today’s usual random friday update post has been cancelled due to super fucking awesome news. Are you ready? Are you sure?

Kevin Spacey tweeted me! :bpr: :dance: :)

Yes you heard it right, he responded to me after I responded to him. No, seriously.

I don’t even know what to say, I’m honored. Here is the tweet, please enjoy and savor.


Isn’t that the most fascinating conversation you’ve ever seen? I can now die happy.

Also, I must add, that he twittered me before Gwen. I WIN!

ps. on another note here is a video I can’t stop watching, if I could make it my screensaver I would. Tell me that’s not chemistry…dayum!

pss. i am an expert on kissing and i can tell he’s an amazing kisser…just sayin :wink:

  • Avitable

    Are you sure it’s actually him? I think it’s an impostor.

    • Robin

      @Avitable, how dare you. but seriously, we’ve been watching him closely (we being Gwen and I) and we’re pretty certain it’s him. the person knows too many details.

  • bluepaintred

    you are *so* cute.

    • Robin

      @bluepaintred, :tongue:

  • Gwen

    To be fair, I didn’t actually tweet Kevin with any questions. So you win by default. I guess that’s kind of like winning. Sort of…. ;)

    • Robin

      @Gwen, i noticed you did over the weekend…clever :eyebrow:

      • Gwen

        @Robin, *shrug* I was curious.

  • Grey Street Girl

    That is so freaking cool! I bow to you!

    • Robin

      @Grey Street Girl, :winner:

  • Tara

    Awww. It’s cute how you think celebs don’t have their publicists do this. :-) :-) :-)

    • Robin

      @Tara, see you don’t know Kevin like I do, he wouldn’t do that.

  • Stacey

    That’s probably the best reason I’ve ever heard to join Twitter.

    • Robin

      @Stacey, seriously!

  • HermanTurnip

    Okay, that rocks. The most famous person I’ve ever had contact me was the key grip from the movie Hell Ride, and that was just a lucky comment I received…

    • Robin

      @HermanTurnip, it was a dream come true.

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