Teenage Seduction

Today: I am unavailable today, I am taking a long mental health weekend. I know my twitterers will miss my friday nonsense but you will just have to make do. We are going out to get Manly Man a car, which will not be new nor pretty as far as I’ve heard but it’s cheap. The car is also white, which we dreaded. He wanted to paint it himself but I had to put my foot down, he can however decorate the inside of his car with all the Hello Kitty he wants. I will also be off on Monday but probably around.

C25k: Taking a brief break from c25k this week since I was having…uhm…medical issues. I figured I would just get in some good walking during the week but there would be no jogging.

Posterous: I love this site, too bad I have no use for it. I really need to start limiting my sites, I just get all giddy when there is a new site I can sign up for :bpr: Is it because they are free or because you are hoping somehow it will enhance your life a little more like Facebook or Twitter might have? Is it just because we want more more more!

Movies: We haven’t watched a new movie in a while, we tend to get focused on a show when we start getting the seasons from Netflix so it’s House 24/7 right now. Maybe we’ll get out and see the movie The Soloist since it’s a subject that is important to Manly Man. I’ve also been thinking about re-watching some of my favorite movies but somehow it seems wrong to watch American Beauty without Gwen (cue the “awwwws”).

House: So I was watching House when I realized I recognized someone, it was Blair from Gossip Girl! She played the teenage seductress of House but she had blonde hair at that time. Nicely done 😉

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  1. B

    May 16, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    I love watching a show and noticing someone from another show/movie. It happens all the time with House/CSI/Criminal Minds.

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