5 Q’s with Tug

Ok here is another 5 Q’s and today I interview Tug. While putting this post together it occurred to me that maybe I should warn Mr. Depp of Tug and that he should watch out but then I remember that I remember that I am a pot and I am also black.

1. If you could do a photo shoot of any celebrity for a day who would it be?

Johnny Depp, no question. (I get to keep the memory card, too)

This WILL be a nude photo shoot, and I will be given enough time to lose my muffin top for ‘later’.

It will take place in a beach house & on the beach, and there will be red wine (Johnny likes it too). There will also be rum in case he wants to play Captain Jack Sparrow for my pleasure – Captain Jack makes me laugh…rum makes me horny. (Not that I’d need it with Johnny there, but it adds to the mood ya’ know.)

(When I see my nephews, they ALWAYS come up to me & say ‘How’s it going Mrs. Depp? Where’s Johnny today?’ I am never Aunt C or C, just always Mrs. Depp)

2. If you were to shoot any celebrity who would it be?

Shoot with what? Good stuff? (Yes, I know it’s the men that are really the shooters, go along with me here) Johnny Depp. Winking smile emoticon The only person I can think of would be Paris Hilton, & I’ll shoot myself before I ever call her a celebrity. Why is no one else coming to mind?? I am WAY too easygoing…or forgetful. They say the mind’s the first thing to go ya’ know.

3. If you were to choose a theme song for yourself what would it be?

Since living in Hell – Someday I’ll be Saturday Night, Bon Jovi For the most part through life – Viva la Vida, Coldplay (I asked my daughter what she would say? “Take this Job & Shove It”) (SHE knows)

4. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “giddy-up’?

heh. See 1st answer to #2 question. Backwards Cowgirl baby. (Yes, I’m single, why do you ask?) The clean version? Riding a stick horse through Joe’s Crab Shack one birthday – I never did find a more embarrassing birthday restaurant to get K back.

5. Why do you have to be so damn old?

I’m really a champion for the gray-hairs. They’re a PITA as anyone in AZ, NV, SoCA or FL knows, so I’ve been sent to let people know that not ALL grandmas are slow crotchety old people that can’t drive. Plus, I figure if I have a 9 year old that calls me Grandma in public, I should probably be a little over 29 since I don’t live in Arkansas. (no offense Arkansasians)

Thanks :tug: for answering the questions!

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  1. Tug

    May 4, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Hi black kettle! LOL. If Johnny doesn’t already have restraining orders against me, I’m thinking I’m safe.


    Not sure about him. 😉

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