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11 Thoughts on “Just a Little Somethin to Break the Monotony

  1. Every summer, we say we’re going to go boating on the lake that we live on, and haven’t yet!

  2. I think that the title is from Dj Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s (Will Smith) Song “Summer time”

    Keep up the great work on the C25k! I need to get back on next week.. I started out great but then died half way through the week… 🙁 Although On last Sunday I was volunteering for my Stop the Violence walk and I took was taking pictures of everyone walking… In order to make sure that I made it back before everyone else so I could get everyone coming into the finish line I ran about 1 1/2 miles of the course and didn’t die!!!!

    We have to have a yard sale this year or I will never get my office back and it will become the storage space. We won’t be home the first week of June so I think that it will be closer to the end of June for us.. 🙂

    • @gemini, Yes, that be the song. Love that song. Yeah I’m not sure when we’ll do the yardsale, it’s going to be an entire weekend process.

  3. Sadly I thought I knew what it was from, then you started talking about summer so it was confirmed.

  4. It is amazing at how fast time flies by. One moment you are making plans for the summer and then BAM! the summer is over and it is fall/winter. Hopefully you get to mark some of that stuff off the list!

  5. God! Yes, we need to have a yard sale too! Thanks for reminding me. What kinda stuff will you be selling?

    • @Hannah, Oh boy, so much stuff. Some furniture. I’m determined to get rid of a purple bed that Manly Man has held onto so tight for all these years. I want to just rid ourselves of as much as possible. I have a bunch of pocketbooks I need to get rid of too.

  6. i’m ready with my calendar!

    ooooooooooohhhh yard sale!!

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