Sometimes it hurts: when I bang my head against the wall :banghead:

Sometimes it makes me happy: to make fun of Manly Man, it’s so easy.

Sometimes it’s sad: when I type first and think later.

Sometimes I listen: when someone mentions my name.

Sometimes I sleep: when people aren’t talking about me.

Sometimes I like to watch: people when they don’t know anyone is watching, you can learn a lot 😉

Sometimes I feel: like a nut, sometimes I don’t, but mostly I do.

Sometimes I rant:and swears come out, by accident.

Sometimes I never: say never.

Sometimes I really: think my cats secretly laugh at us.

Speaking of cats, here is a video of Pilot when he went a little crazy over Manly Man’s shirt.

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  1. bluepaintred

    April 29, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Hey! that video reminded me of something I had forgotten!

    About ten, maybe 11 years ago we had a cat named Tisdale Newton. We lived in a one bedroom apartment ( this was before the marriage and kids) In a word, our place was a pigsty. It was very very messy.

    Not disorganized or cluttered – MESSY

    So one day i had scooped up a huge armful of clothing, tossed it in a basket and trudged down the stairs to the communal washers in the apartment. What i did not know was that I had also scooped up a can of catnip. Or that our cat would FREAK THE FUCK OUT over us in a claws teeth and blood sprayed manned when the dried catnip infused clothes were on our bodies.

    I ended up having to take all the clothes to a real laundromat to get them cleaned enough that TN stopped attacking us!

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