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12 Thoughts on “Rose is Back

  1. I loooooved this weeks HIMYM! I’m cuddly bitch!

  2. I don’t watch a single one of those shows.

  3. I loved HIMYM this week! The only Housewives I’ve gotten into is OC…the rest are like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  4. I love HIMYM so, so much. It was hilarious when Holli gave Ted a taste of his own medicine on their real date

  5. I watched that “Housewives” show a few times-NY and Orange County-and the pretensiousness, shallowness, self absorbtion and sheer stupidity of those chicks pissed me off too much!

    Housewives who actually had souls would be the ones I would actually watch more regularly.

  6. i saw that 2 and a half men episode! it was pretty good! did you know the actress who plays rose is british? fun fact of the day!

    wilson, there’s a complex character. i’ll leave it at that. i don’t want to spoil ANYTHING for you

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