Dear Ed & Crystal

Dear Ed & Crystal:

Or rather, Cred, as I’m trying to convince people to call you.

After our first, and hopefully not last, meeting of the minds I just wanted to discuss a few things about our trip to western Massachusetts.

First, I really enjoyed how Ed found a way to turn every moment into a scene from a movie. I enjoyed this mostly because he really just pointed out the stuff that goes through my head on a regular basis. It was particularly amusing that it was usually horror movies where people are blugeoned and eaten in the woods. I’m never going camping with you Ed.

Second, I’m pretty sure Manly Man had was a little flustered being around 2 girls with big boobs and dark hair, he was probably holding back from saying “boobies!” every 10 minutes.

Third, I totally expected Ed to be the one to babble on and on constantly from the moment he showed up but Crystal did most of the talking. I like that we keep learning more and more things we have in common, like our pure hatred for fans because we hate the feeling of wind blowing on us. Of course our men love fans, this is often how the discussions went most of the day. What stuff Crystal and I hated, which just so happened to be the stuff our husbands liked.

Fourth, Ed, you reminded me a lot of the brother I never had, even though I have a brother I don’t spend enough time with him to pick on me and he’s younger and I can blackmail him anyway. As we were trying to cross a massive lake (or rather a puddle) to get to the Quabbin Reservoir you made sure to mock the girls as they got their feet wet and muddy, you even tried to videotape at one point. When I had to quickly dip my feet in the water to wash off the mud you took a picture of me behind the sign that said “no wading.” I still think that you had something to do with Manly Man driving away when I got out of the car to take a picture but whatever :rolleyes:

Fifth, you both joked that we were taking you out into the middle of nowhere so we could capture and do unspeakable things with both of you. I am not saying if this was part of our plan or not, I will say that the area we went to was much busier than anticipated and next time we might take you much further out on Route 2 where screams can’t be heard for miles 👿



ps. Next time you visit our area, I am driving 😉

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  1. ed

    April 27, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    we had so much fun! don’t worry, i warm up, really i do! it just takes me a bit, to push my boundries!

    next time, i drive lmao!!!!!

    1. Robin

      April 27, 2009 at 5:34 pm

      Oh no, you were totally funny, just more quiet than I expected. I’m not exactly how I seem online I don’t think. I think Manly Man was the most off of the day, he takes a while to warm up too and he was also driving which probably was a mistake, he’s self-conscious about it.

  2. Crystal

    April 28, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Alright, no camping with Ed if there’s no driving with Manly Man. I think both men are trying to kill us,


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