I was thinking about superstitions and how a lot of cultures have their own. Like my co-worker once told me it was bad luck to put my pocketbook on the floor because you will go broke or something. It got me thinking that I bet everyone has at least a couple things they are superstitious about even if they don’t really notice it.

Things I am superstitious about:

  • Walking under ladders – I don’t think I’m really afraid of ladders but I figure it can’t hurt to walk around them.
  • Breaking mirrors – I’m still convinced that when I broke a mirror when I was 10 it explains the horrible years from 10 to 17.
  • Sidewalk Cracks – I’m not sure if avoiding cracks in the sidewalk is a superstitious thing or an OCD thing.

Now I realize these things don’t actually change anything but I still do them. I think everyone has at least one supersticious thing they do. What is yours?

7 Thoughts on “Superstition

  1. I’m superstitious about reading a post and not leaving a comment, even if it’s unrelated like this one.

    Oh wait.

  2. I don’t know what cultures they come from, but the big superstitions in my family are:

    1. never give a wallet/purse without putting a coin in it or one of you will go broke.

    2. Never put new shoes on the kitchen table – it’s bad luck. Never put old shoes on the table either, because it’s just nasty.

    3. Don’t give a person a knife as a gift without putting a penny in the box with it. The penny keeps the knife from severing your friendship.

  3. How did you manage to spell superstitious correctly everywhere but one time? You do that just to drive me insane, don’t you?

    I don’t have any superstitions that I know about. I have habits, but they’re not backed by superstition

  4. I thought about this when you had your poll- I chose “other”. I’m not really sure I have any. Ladders, black cats, salt over the shoulder… I don’t get it.

    I do believe in Karma to a certain extent though. I try to put out good vibes and good actions, if I do something negative I’m sure it’ll come back to haunt me. In a way, I guess that’s superstition.

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