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12 Thoughts on “UnFunniness

  1. edmcbride on March 13, 2009 at 8:58 am said:

    oh dear god, dane cooks twitters are private! lmao

    i have slippers too and they are getting stretched too 🙁

  2. What kind of douche “celebrity” protects their tweets? You know he’s just going to approve everyone, so it just seems like one extra point on the tool scale for dane.

  3. Whoa, layout change?

    I’m glad to see someone else doesn’t find Cook funny!

  4. I think this is what his tweets look like:

    Dear Twitter, I know I’m a douche and sometimes I cry myself to sleep.
    Sent at 12:15 PM from Tweetdeck

  5. So, re the blog hosting thing – do you need a place to host your blog? I host about a dozen other bloggers on my account and wouldn’t mind another add-on. You use wordpress, so I can install it, customize it, and move your blog / domain over. You just need to own the domain (I can help with pointing it to my servers), or transfer the domain to me and pay the $10/yr to keep it registered. No monthly hosting fees, email fees, whatever.

    Lemme know. I do this kind of thing for blog buddies.

  6. I refuse to even go look at Dane’s Twitter page just on principle. Tool, indeed.

    I so need some new slippers! Mine look like yours on the left, and I scuff across the floor to keep my feet in them. But they are warm. 🙂

  7. am i too late to vote for the video of you and the kitty kat?

  8. The best Twitter is Borat. (From Ali G show) His comments are beyond hilarious! 🙂

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