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0 Thoughts on “My Facebook Etiquette

  1. Good list! Two others could be-1. Don’t invite every person you have ever met in your entire life to be your ‘friend’. WTF? And 2. Don’t post very private things on your wall or someone else’s wall. A guy I knew from high school had his girlfriend allude to “chains and whipped cream” on his wall. Ewwww! That was a mental picture I could have lived without! :whip:

  2. Here here!

  3. Definitely number 1 irritates me the most

  4. I try to do #1 too

  5. #1 -It’s not just you.
    #2,3,4 – I try to avoid this.
    #5 -I don’t gather people. It implies food and drink and I just like enough to pay for such things.
    #6 -I like commenting on status.
    #7 -I don’t normally do them.

    I wish I could subscribe to what status comments I wanted to. I don’t need to see what your brother’s friend’s aunt has to say about your bitchiness. :lmao:

  6. I couldn’t agree more with #1, well with all of them actually. Although I have gotten sucked in to the meme black hole. I’m going to blame this on my exceptionally boring job and my excessive time spent sitting in front of a computer being exceptionally bored.

  7. edmcbride on March 3, 2009 at 5:33 pm said:

    if it wasn’t for meme’s i’d have nothing!

    i’m not a good writer lol


  8. I absolutely hate the status message thing, but I’m entirely guilty of it because it currently sucks my tweets into the status message. When I post from FB directly, I do it the proper way 🙂

  9. I wouldn’t recommend it, it sounds like more fun than it is.

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