Let Me Out!

I finally found this old picture of Aurora, I’ve been looking for it for years. This is what she used to do to let us know she wanted outside and back then she wasn’t even an outdoor cat. She just always wanted to be where she wasn’t allowed.

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How I kind of feel today, this winter is suffocating me.

  1. Giggle Pixie

    January 28, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Whenever we shut the door to our spare bedroom Oliver will lead whoever happens to be in the hallway to that door, meowing and looking back the whole time, leading you right to that door, and then he’ll put one paw on the door and meow until you let him inside. Then all he does is walk around it and come back out. But he can’t stand to be denied access, dammit!! lol Cats are hysterical.

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