Dear Winter,

I hate to break this to you but I’ve never liked you. Ok, maybe I briefly enjoyed you when I was a kid. When it snowed it meant usually no school and sledding. Nothing about snow is fun anymore, except for the day off of work sometimes but then it comes out of my vacation time. Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that.

As an adult snow means shoveling, paying for snow plowing, cooking and cleaning since you can’t actually go anywhere, and get a mean case of cabin fever. This could lead to the loss of sanity and even death. Yes winter, this is your fault.

There is nothing good about you. All you are is snow, ice and bitter cold. Please please, just take the hint and go away.




0 Thoughts on “Dear Winter

  1. I don’t think I could handle snowy winters, except for a visit here and there. Oh how I LOVE San Diego!!!

  2. Seriously- be gone!! And we haven’t had it near as bad – mostly just VERY DAMN COLD! UGH!

  3. My feets is cold, I’m done watching Tropic Thunder, and the dog wants to steal my blankie.

    I’m with you….winter is overstaying its welcome. :cold:

  4. I happen to be a freak and I LOVE winter…but even I am ready for this one to be gone. *sigh*

  5. Winter just needs to go away. I’m so tired of being cooped up with nothing to shoot. Just 50 or so more days until Spring! :cold:

  6. “just call me Winter.”

    “don’t mind him. his bark is worse than his bite.”

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