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0 Thoughts on “Cartoon Cats Edition

  1. Hello Kitty – I’d probably give her all three, just because I’d want to ensure her safety and the future of the Sanrio empire.

    Garfield – I’ve always liked Garfield. Anyone who loves lasagna and hates Mondays *and* spiders is ok in my book.

    Heathcliff – liked the cartoon and comics as a kid. Catchy theme song.

    Sorry Sylvester, but your lisp annoys me and never cared much for your cartoons.

  2. Sorry Heathcliff. I never could stand you or your posse.

  3. I would let Hello Kitty die, because I’ve never gotten why people like her, and as far as I can tell, she’s useless

  4. I’d leave Hello Kitty to fend for herself. The other cartoon cats are legends. I never understood the whole HK craze.

  5. Hello kitty – bye bye 🙂 Sorry someone that cute and sweet just gets on my nerves LOL

  6. I saw this in my feeds this morning after two disastrously worded comments this morning. I decided to wait until i was more alert to respond.

    I’ve now showered and drank my post of morning coffee and I am ready to tackle this!

    When I saw it in my feeds, my first thought was DIE HELLO KITTY BITCH, but after spending some time thinking about it, I’ve changed my mind.

    Heathcliff does not get the chute becuase he annoys me. Not so much his badly drawn attempt at being a cat, and not so much for his crappy comic value, but becuase He reminds me of a time when there were no books in the house other than religious tracts (we had moved in with Micah’s parents home as newly wed teen parents) and since I CANNOT go without reading, I had to read a jumbo sized special edition comic compilation of him over and over. And over.

    Besides, Chute or not, hello kitty is doomed. She will break a nail upon landing, it will become infected and being the pretty princess she is, she will refuse to miss her hair appointment to see a doctor for antibiotics. The infection will go straight to her brain causing her to burn and destroy everything hello Kitty related before she finally expires in a very painful manner.

    It’s a scenario that gives me hope…

    (my comment is longer than your post, isn’t that illegal in some parts of the net?) :angel:

  7. I would say bye bye to Hello Kitty

  8. Sorry but I go with Hello Kitty…

    The others I have fond memories of as a child… :chelle:

  9. Hello Kitty – she’s waaaaaay fucking annoying!!!! :clap:

  10. edmcbride on January 21, 2009 at 5:49 pm said:

    goodbye hello kitty

  11. I don’t know you guys, what has Hello Kitty ever done to you?

  12. edmcbride on January 21, 2009 at 7:34 pm said:

    hello kitty is pure evil

  13. Seriously, Robin. The haters… oh, the haters. Happy people just piss people off and Hello Kitty is happy.

    Die, Heathcliff. Buh-bye.

  14. rambo~~use your growth hormone to save yourself

    never let a kitty die

    thanks for the ouch!

    you should see the bruises

    will post pics of them soon, as soon as i figure out how to upload on blogger with dial up, so far, ain’t happening! :confused:

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