So I’m working on picking out pictures for my exhibit in March, I’ve been tagging the pictures by “exhibit” so I can pull together a collection. I’m re-editing shots and getting some feelers out there to see if they are up to par. I also need to decide on some pictures from Lawrence as well. If you have any opinions please let me know. If you want to be a really really good friend I’d love for you to look through some of them and Favorite the ones that are your favorites from Ireland.

Originally uploaded by {robin accidentally}

  • Tug

    OK, but I rode the short bus today. Where do I go & how do I make it a fave?

  • Robin

    @Tug – you go to my flickr account (you can click on the actual picture to go there) and if you have an account you can favorite the pictures with the star at the top of the picture.

  • Tug

    k, on the way now.

  • whall

    Can I not and say I did?

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