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0 Thoughts on “Sticky Fingers

  1. Instead of buying the whole magazine, when I was a kid/teen, I’d rip out whatever JTT (or other teenybopper celeb) picture I wanted and just put the magazine back. I only did it once or twice I think. Does that count?

  2. I think that when I was a kid… I stole some Juicy fruit gum once but my mom saw me do it and made me give it to the manager. :duh: it totally sucked and I never did it again…

    When I was a teenager I went to CVS with my mom and one of my friends to buy stuff for a class trip that we were going on and the Manager followed us around.

    He thought that we were stealing the little tubes of tooth paste and stuff and made us turn our pockets out. Needless to say we were not stealing anything and my Mom was soo pissed off that she got the guy Fired… He apparently didn’t realize we were there with my Mom… And if you know my Mom you don’t mess with me or my sister… LOL :gemini: (where do you think I get it from…)

    I think that kids don’t think that you can see them doing it… you know Like when you play Peek-a-boo with them they think that because they hide their eyes and can’t see you that you can’t see them either. LOL :angel:

  3. I stole too many things as a teen to even mention (something I am NOT proud of). Most of it had to do with peer pressure and the fact I had no money.

    I never got caught, but would NEVER steal anything now.

    Even then I knew it was wrong and I shouldn’t do it. But I guess I didn’t listen to that little voice inside me…

    Thank goodness for finally getting some sense.

  4. When I was a kid and got caught that one time, it wasn’t even for something for me. It was what my brother wanted.. DAMN FISHING SUPPLIES lol… my parents didn’t even know about it till one of the other kids who happened to be there heard us talking about it in his room with the stuff on the bed, she ratted us out

  5. As a kid I stole some candy along with my best friend, Linda. I think we just did it as a lark, because it was a “mom and pop” shop and the lady who worked there was really mean and always gave us the “stink eye” all the time we were in there. But we must’ve gotten it out of our system ’cause we (or at least I) never did it again – and I never would.

  6. I stole my mom’s heart a couple of times.

  7. When I was little, I stole someone else’s toys from the party favor bag they got at a party we were both at, because I liked his little hotdog-on-a-keychain better than whatever I had. When I was a teen I worked at a convenience store, night shift, and stole pretty much everything – candles, sandwiches, snacks, condoms, anything but cigarettes.

  8. @B – why didn’t i ever think of doing that? i spent so much damn money on those Big Boppers.
    @Gemini – I don’t know, I think kids just think they are invincible.
    @themuttprincess – we gotta get that stuff out of us at some point.
    @Heather B – fishing supplies? :lmfao:
    @Giggle Pixie – i’m sure she deserved it.
    @whall – you bastard!
    @crystal – you are such a badass.

  9. My Bro is a serious fisherman always has been

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