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0 Thoughts on “You Know I Like You

  1. Oh I hate it when people take so long to back up into a spot. If you’re that bad at it, it’s so much faster just to pull in and back out normally.

  2. It’s amazing to me how many people can’t parallel park. And they think their cars are 8 feet wider than they actually are.

  3. could you expand on #7? I’m not sure what joining you for dinner has to do with toys.

  4. @Amanda – Exactly!
    @Tara – I know, people shouldn’t even be allowed to drive until they can properly parallel park. My dad taught me that when I was learning even though where I live it’s rarely used…he grew up in Manhattan.
    @TJ – If I need to explain it to you then you definitely aren’t ready to join in :whip:

  5. I guess the reason why people back in rather then just drive up to it, is that they think it makes their car or them look cooler…

    Ohh damn I should of visited sooner and brought my toys… can’t plan that anymore lol

  6. I don’t get the whole “backing into that parking space” thing either. My brother does it alot. I think it’s ’cause he thinks he’s cool.

    He’s not. 😎

  7. I wish you had told me about the punch BEFORE I gave in and had some! :duh:

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