Sugar Strike

I love sugar, I crave sugar. I love the feeling of biting into a sugary pastry or the feeling of a piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. Just thinking about one of my favorite kinds of candy makes me salivate. I bite in and […]

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Dearest Men

Dearest Men, As you, and many others, are aware the four of you are some of my favorite men in the world but it seems to me either you have been preocuppied lately or just off the radar. This makes me sad, I’d very much […]

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My Kids

I wanted to make a collage for my friend who wanted to see pictures but does not have a computer and I think this shows quite a bit about them. 1. love x two, 2. tuckered out, 3. recycle and re-use, 4. In The Grass, […]

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