This is just a basic vanilla cupcake recipe but I added coconut to both the batter and to the frosting. Why am I suddenly baking? I have no clue.

Fat gives things flavor." ~ Julia Child

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I’m on a roll people, or rather not rolls but cupcakes. I know ok, that was bad. Anyway, I baked again! I did it 90% by myself. It wasn’t so bad, I think I did a great job actually.

Manly Man thought adding coconut to the batter and to the frosting was a bad idea, that it wouldn’t work right but it was perfectly fine. Next time I think I am going to make my own frosting (I like light and fluffy frosting) and maybe even try a filling.

Anyone know if hell has frozen over yet?

  • Heather B

    I love coconut :)

  • edmcbride

    mmmm cupcakes are yummy, they are tiny cakes!

  • Maureen

    I want one!

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