Funny but Late

I don’t think I own one standup comedy dvd, which is a shame because I love standup comedy. I love it so much I’ve been to a
nearby theater several times to see the comedy show. For my 24th birthday a bunch of us went to Boston to see Janeane Garofalo and she
was fucking hilarious!

I was thinking the first dvd I’m going to get myself will be Daniel Tosh . I describe him as a funny Dane Cook. If you like that stuff here is the dvd, laugh and enjoy.

  • Amanda

    I love Daniel Tosh

  • Robin

    @Amanda – is there anything we don’t have in common?

  • Giggle Pixie

    I think he’s awesome. I’d love to see him in person. But I’m such a sucker for standup. I love just about everybody!

  • Robin

    @Giggle Pixie – i don’t love everyone but quite a few, Robin Williams is in the top 5.

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